The Filipino American Association of
Certified Public Accountants (FAACPA)

is a professional organization made up of:


Individuals who have qualified as Certified Public Accountants in 
any state, territory or possession of the United States, or who 
have qualified as Certified Public Accountants in the Philippines, 
or as Chartered Accountants or similar CPA designation in any 
country or jurisdiction.


Individuals who hold positions of responsibility or have proven 
track records in the accounting and other related industries.


Individuals who are enrolled as students in any four year-
accredited college or university who are at least in junior level 
status majoring in accounting.


Spouses, significant others, and close relatives of members of the 

Please mail application and membership dues to:
FAACPA , Treasurer Imee Hebron
P.O. Box  2035, Seattle, WA  98111

Please make check payable to: